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New OurGlass Radio has Xfactor mixing up some 1987 classic R&B hits.

Can’t Believe It (Instrumental)
No One in the World
One Heartbeat
Nighttime Lover
This Be the Def Beat
This Be the Def Beat
Love is a House
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
Sweet Love
Touch & Go
For Your Love (I’ll Do Most Anything)
Holding On
Same Ole Love
Show a Little Love
If I Was Your Girlfriend
I’m So Happy
It’s Been So Long
If Walls Could Talk
I’ll Return
Why You Treat Me So Bad
Are You Man Enough
She’s Fly
Nights of Pleasure
Every Little Bit
You’re Puttin’ A Rush On Me
Girl Next Door
A Touch of Jazz
I Ain’t No Joke

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