OurGlass Radio -98 #miamibass

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Xfactor drops that OurGlass 98 with some Miami bass music.

Planet Rock
Welcome To The Planet Of Bass 1987
Do Wah Diddy
Summer Jam
Doo Doo Brown Break
Mama Juanita
Cars That Go Boom
Heiny Heiny
Shorty Swing My Way
Shake It (Do The 61st)
Hoop N Yo Face
Shake A Lil’ Somethin’
Yeah, Yeah
I Wanna Rock
Scrub Da Ground
Scrub da ground (Instrumental)
Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya’
C’Mon N’ Ride It (The Train)
Nasty dancer
INOJ- Let Me Love You Down
Whoot, There It Is
Shake It (Remix)
Tootsie Roll
Kitty Kitty
Space Jam
My Boo (Instrumental)
Ghost Town DJ’s My Boo
Boom I Got Your Boyfriend
I Love Music (Baltimore Club Music)
Runs House (KW Remix) Re-up (Baltimore Club)
Noize Is An Art (Baltimore Club)
Its Nutty (Baltimore Club)
Pump Me Up (Baltimore Club)
let it go (Baltimore Club)
keep fucking around (Baltimore Club)
Pop That Pussy
S.O.S We Bad-S.o.S
Pure Enegry

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