Camron is sharing the pre-order for his Purple Haze 2 album, which will be release this Friday, December 20th.

The project will include sixteen tracks and features from Wale, Max B, Disco Black, Mimi, Shooter, and Jim Jones.

Check out the full tracklist below.

1. Toast to Me
2. Medellin
3. Losin’ Weight 3
4. K.O.P.
5. I Don’t Know (Ft. Wale)
6. Big Deal
7. Fast Lane
8. The Right One
9. This Is My City (Ft. Max B)
10. Keep Rising (Ft. Max B)
11. The Get Back (Ft. Mimi)
12. Just Be Honest (Ft. Mimi)
13. Ride the Wave
14. Killa Bounce (Ft. Disco Black)
15. Believe in Flee
16. Straight Harlem (Ft. Jim Jones & Shooter)